Our athletes partner with brands, companies and organizations based on fit and organic alignment. Each athlete has their own unique and powerful story - coupled with the athletic and business professionalism, in and out of their sport. Be sure to check out each athlete's personalized Media Kit, to learn more about their background, unique facts, current sponsors and more. To partner, please contact lead agent Cejih 'CG' Yung in our Contact Us


Michael Chadwick 


World Champion & USA National Team (Swimming)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Current City: Columbia, MO

elizabeth beisel.jpg

Elizabeth Beisel

3-Time USA Olympian (08',12',16') (Swimming)

2016 Olympic Team Captain

Current City: Saunderstown, RI

hali (1).jpg

Hali Flickinger

Team USA Olympian (Swimming)

Hometown: York, PA

Current City: Athens, GA

KLJ USA 1.jpg

Kara Lynn Joyce


3-Time USA Olympian (04', 08', 12') (Swimming)

Founder, LEAD Sports Summit

Current City: Atlanta,GA


Jacob Pebley

Team USA Olympian (Swimming)

Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Current City: Berkeley, CA


Leah Smith


2016 Olympic Gold & Bronze Medalist (Swimming)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Current City: Tucson, AZ

Olivia team.jpg

Olivia Smoliga

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist (Swimming)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current City: Athens, GA


Maggie Steffens

2012 & 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist (Water Polo)

Hometown: San Ramon, California

Current City: Palo Alto, CA